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수준높은 강의를 제공하는 Jim English의 1:1 영어 최고의 강사진
  • Moira My name is Teacher Moira. I am 37 years old. Some of my students call me Teacher "Moi". Actually, “Moi" is my nickname. I majored in Mass Communication minor in Development Communication. I have many hobbies. Some of my hobbies are reading some English books, of course. Watching English movies, exercising in my free time. I also love gardening. In fact, we have a very big backyard in our hometown. I also love jogging, alright with my kids during the weekends. I also cook some food. But I'm not that good in cooking. I started with Jimenglish since 2011.

    I also like to travel. I like to meet new people from all walks of life. Why Students Should Enroll In My Class?

    With my fifteen (15) years solid experience as an On-Line English Teacher, I can teach my students with service excellence where I put premium more on the quality of servicing and great satisfaction from my class.

    It is not only know-how or being very good at teaching that counts but on how you create and develop a wholesome and a caring relationship with your students which will make the learning process and experience worthwhile and enjoyable.

    With my academic background as a Mass Communication graduate in College, I can relate very well with my class providing them with comfort and confidence to learn the English language the effective

    My on-line teaching is my passion and way of life to cater and serve more to students who wish to learn the English language proficiently and effectively.

    I can bring out the best in my students and let them feel very satisfied and as a better person!

    Again, I am Teacher Moira and I am your Jimenglish teacher. I am here to help you in learning the English language After our class, you can expect that you will become a better English speaker.

    See you in one of my classes!!!