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New Year 2020: Celebrating Seollal while Wishing for Success and Prosperity in Business

관리자 2020-01-29 16:37:53 조회 621

New Year 2020:

Celebrating Seollal while Wishing for Success and Prosperity in Business



Four exciting, new things were introduced as Seollal approached! We launched our new website, a new learning mobile app, the new Philippine office address and lastly the new symbol of our company, the JimEnglish logo!


It all happened with the constant support and encouragement of the managers and staff of JimEnglish’s Korea Office. Everything was strategically planned and targets were set first. Determining objectives, making plans and implementing changes are sound action plans and carrying all these out shows that the company knows where to go and when to change direction. A wise decision has been made after being in the business for more than ten years, and the timing to launch everything before Seollal of 2020 is impeccable!

We welcome the New Year with open arms, the highest of hopes, extraordinary joy and most important of all, overflowing positivity in our hearts. We are all confident that this year will be the beginning of a new decade of triumph and opportunities, and with the perfect combination of our teachers’ passion and the utmost support of the Korea and Philippine office, nothing is impossible.

One of our main objectives this year is to teach our students with all our hearts and not let their enthusiasm go to waste. We vow to make a habit of passing on our knowledge and positivity to our students. We might commit mistakes along the way, but we know that the light of our Korean Office managers and staff will guide us. We will look ahead into the New Year, be grateful for the challenges that molded us in the past year and promise to embrace every positive opportunity with our students.

Besides these wishes, we make two resolutions – one is to follow our heart, and the other is to never give up on our students. May these resolutions help us as we strive to show our students what makes Jim English teachers unique:  we are home-based teachers, but above all else, we are your “heart-based” teachers, now and for as long as you continue to trust us.

Happy New Year to all!

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