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“Love yourself and your inner self: your mental health”

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“Love yourself and your inner self: your mental health”
By: Mr. Jansy


It took me a long time to write another article because of the situation. I needed to clear my mind and my thoughts, and then check my well-being in order to get myself back on track. At times like this, we all need to do everything to the fullest extent of our ability and make a living despite the government’s perilous decisions and the quarantine status in our area. It is totally different now; it is now the new normal.


We are lucky to have a work-from-home (WFH) job at JimEnglish. Having this job has given us peace of mind, especially in the current situation. Peace of mind – it is something one can be grateful for... something that is hard to find nowadays. It is something that others are wishing for... something that others find challenging to acquire nowadays. Having this peace of mind guarantees the wellness of each and everyone’s mental health.


Do not just love yourself. You’ve got to love your other self: your inner-self, which is connected to your mental health. You need to fuel up the engine, before going on the journey of life together with your passengers, primarily, your family. How was I able to get back on track? After the long days of adjustments, sudden errands and paranoia due to the quarantine status, I did the following and would like to share them with you:


       1. Clear my mind.

To avoid being paranoid, I focused only on what to do next and how to adjust to different situations.


       2. Maintain my routine.

I spent time with my family and always checked on them. I kept reminding them about safety precautions. I focused on work and maintained constant communication with colleagues. I reflected on how lucky we are to have a WFH job.


      3. Catch up with unfinished tasks at home.

With nowhere to go, limited places to visit and a curfew in place, it is a good time to work on unfinished tasks at home. I was able to clean the garage, declutter our attic, fix my kids’ wobbling bed, and re-arrange the house. It is a limitless task and satisfying as well. It is overwhelming to know how many things you can do for your family inside the house.


    4. Practice gratitude.

I appreciated every single thing - from big to small. I suggest you try it. Appreciate your job. Appreciate all your family members and the distant relatives who always check on you. Appreciate life in general. Be grateful and it will invite/attract positive vibes.


    5. Avoid speculations, check only from reputable sources. Maintain peace of mind.

Reading or watching the news is somehow stressful. It is still better to be informed but equip yourself only with new knowledge that you can use to fight or avoid undesirable situations. Check only from reputable sources. With this way of thinking, you can protect your mind from pestiferous and unreliable news and always maintain your peace of mind. If you need a break from unfitting news from social media and the like, take a break. Disconnect your mind from what you have read on the Internet, from time to time.


Aside from these practices, we can all contribute to the community by staying home as much as possible. Social distancing is one of the keys to flatten the curve. We are grateful and lucky to be working at JimEnglish because it has given us the means to get through the ongoing crisis. We have to face society’s new normal and embrace the situation with our chins up and with peace of mind, but we should take care of our mental health first. It is our first line of defense in facing the new challenges of life. “Greater wealth is mental health.”




Mental health - The psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment.

Back on track - to return to the right path, or the right direction.

Perilous- fraught with danger.

Paranoia / Paranoid - A psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur. Paranoid is a person afflicted with paranoia.

Quarantine - Isolation to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Routine- An unvarying or habitual method or procedure.

Precautions - A precautionary measure warding off impending danger, damage or injury etc.

Overwhelming - So strong as to be irresistible.

Gratitude - A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

Vibes - A distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively.

Speculations - A message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence.

Reputable - Having a good reputation. The state of being held in high esteem and honor (repute).

Pestiferous- Tending to corrupt or pervert.

Unfitting - Not in keeping with what is correct or proper.

Flatten the curve - Slowing the spread of this virus over time using social distancing, which looks like a lower, smoother curve on the chart.

Chin-up - To stay cheerful and hopeful during difficult times.




COVID-19 Tracker – Philippines: https://ncovtracker.doh.gov.ph/

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Images by: https://instagram.com/akyn.photography?igshid=14ksprdn6zk2f

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