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South Korea My vacation 1 -- teacher Jing

관리자 2020-01-13 12:56:49 조회 760

This now the start of our adventures:

AD1: Time to visit the famous Ever land the counterpart of Disney land in South Korea. We were excited to experience it .. Wow! It was wonderful with the nice weather ,we really enjoyed the rides I took a lot of pictures, went to the safari. Alas! I got an opportunity to see in close range the famous Liger. The most unforgettable for me was  the roller coaster … It was my first time to try roller coaster and it was memorable because its in Ever land, gosh it was the most death-defying ride of my life from the beginning to end I just closed my eyes… It was the longest 3 minutes of my life. After this enjoyable day, we went to a buffet restaurant had a sumptuous dinner then on our last stop we had our relaxing Jimjilbang. What a great first day 

AD2: We woke up early due to the enthusiasm to visit Seoul, the Capital city of South Korea; the weather was cold at that time. We first stop at Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace. I was also able to meet my student Lee woon hee. It was a great experience to learn and understand the history, heritage, tradition and Korean culture. We even went to the National folk Museum of Korea and even sighted the “Blue House” which is the official house of the President of South Korea.

After the historical sightseeing we went to some Seoul stores to meet my 2 kid students, Kim min hyuk and Go soo yeon we talked and we even bought souvenirs, for my student's mother knew a budget friendly souvenir store. Next, we met our students again for dinner. Teacher Diana and I needed to separate having dinner due with our students. I met my student Lee Jung Eun and we had Samgyeopsal for dinner, it was lip-smacking and we did enjoy a good conversation. Then we meet-up with T. Diana and her student to visit Namsan Tower. We rode the cable car and saw the whole Capital city of Seoul, we even took pictures in the 3D museum at the ground floor of the tower it was a wonderful experience.

AD3: Another exciting day to wake up our day was filled with awe of what we saw from the previous day, our schedule was to visit Korean Folk Village, in this place I met my student who also work there as a tourist guide, Kim Hyun Mi. We were so amazed to know that some of the historical drama in Korea was shot here. We also learned about the life of early Koreans, their house architecture, historic village, the way they live in the old days and even the educational structures at that time. We had our lunch in that village with my student.  I felt that we had traveled in time to know about Korean culture. It was a time travel experience.
Next, we went to shop with our bosses at E-mart we bought some stuffs for us to bring home then we visited our office and met our Korean coordinators and had our dinner with them. It was fun to share the same table with them; to have a worthwhile conversation and laughed with them. We were even surprised that they prepared gift for us and we are very thankful for the warm welcome .
Before the night was over I met one of my students. I met Mr. Han Gi Kyung and his family we had coffee and have a pleasant conversation with him and his family, then they sent me back to my boss apartment. Before sleeping we had a midnight snack with our boss it was a very nice conversation with them we are very thankful they welcomed us in their home, like a family  and we prepared our luggage for this our last night we bade everyone a  goodnight sleep.

Before our last day in Korea, we had some more unforgettable experiences. Like we were given a chance to try on the traditional Korean costume the “Hanbok”. We went to a Korean castle and rode a mini train around the old city of Suwon in Gyeonggi-do. We saw the fortress and the city. Then we had our lunch in this traditional Korean restaurant where the food was authentic Korean it was really delicious. That was the end of our journey in South Korea. We had fun,  and relaxing learning.  We were overwhelmed with the hospitality that our hosts demonstrated during our stay they were all welcoming. Thank you to our students who gave time to meet us up and especially to our Korean bosses Sir. Jim and Ms. Jina and to their family the only thing I can say; “Both of you are the best! Thank you very much for this experience.” God Bless!

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